avatar for Shai Haddad (Shi 360) - performance sponsored by TAGLIT Birthright

Shai Haddad (Shi 360) - performance sponsored by TAGLIT Birthright

SHI 360, performance sponsored by TAGLIT Birthright, delivers thought provoking and meaningful music, performing in hip hop venues, college tours and festivals throughout North America, Europe and the Middle East. SHI 360’s passion for the Middle East and world Jewry is resolute in his lyrics that project his multi-lingual culture of English, French and Hebrew.

Recognized as one of the first ground-breaking Israeli hip hop artists, Haifa born, Montreal raised, SHI 360 (born Shai Haddad) debuted as a conscious MC in the late 90′s, drawing both underground and commercial appeal. Starting off as an independent artist, his first album “Chapters” set him apart as a unique voice in the Montreal hip hop scene. Known as a pioneer for his impact on Israel’s hip hop movement, releasing Israel’s first mixtape, leading the DJ hip hop scene and co-hosting Tel Aviv Radio’s Hip Hop Show “The Lab.” Further to his collaborations with rapper Subliminal and TACT, his popularity rose, selling platinum records and hit singles including “Kabel,” “Break the Silence,” “Home,” “Rak Benadam” and many more. SHI 360 quickly became a household name, launching his own record label while producing and managing several artists. 360 Music released hits including “Lo Ba Stam,” “Ani Ve At,” and “Baby” among others.

SHI 360 is anything but your typical hip hop artist. Spreading unity and awareness through his music and tours worldwide, he has set himself apart as a compelling voice unafraid to challenge the mainstream media’s oftentimes distorted messages. Many of his songs emphasize a bold social and political message. Going by the credo “Don’t be afraid to think,” SHI 360 combines deft rhymes and fresh, genre-shifting beats. His diverse sounds stem from childhood exposure to diverse music genres by various artists.

SHI 360′s newest album “Shalom Haters” is now available on iTunes.