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Alona Jassik

Massage Therapist, Laughter Yoga Practitioner
Alona Jasik is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Breema Bodyworker.  She is presently recovering from a case of Nature Deficiency Disorder.  She attended UCSC with Rachel Bookstein!  She presently leads Laughter Yoga in Assisted Living in Los Angeles, and does parties.  Breema has been a grounding practice in her life to practice being present. . She was introduced to it before leaving for Israel in 1997, and again in Israel where she started attending classes. Alona wants to inspire others to live joyfully and in the present. 

Laughter Yoga is an international organization started by Dr Madan Kataria, from Mumbai, India who authored the book Laugh for No Reason. Combining breathing, chanting, light movement and silly laughter exercises, laughter yoga provides serious health benefits for the mind and body.  Our bodies do not know the difference between real and simulated laughter, so try laughter yoga with Alona as a joyful way to increase energy, vitality, creativity and mood. 

My Speakers Sessions

Sunday, March 10

11:00am PDT