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Ellia Kassoff

Leaf Brands, LLC
Newport Coast, California
Ellia Kassoff is the owner of one of the top executive recruiting firms in the country and also owner of Leaf Brands, LLC, one of the most iconic candy companies in the world which he restarted in 2011.  He was also the #1 headhunter in the U.S. for 2009 and holds the record for the largest placement deal ever done in the recruiting industry.
Ellia had always been fascinated with consumer behavior and pricing/marketing strategy since he was a kid and took what was a fun hobby into the ‘big time’, as he works on resurrecting old trademarks.  His first project was resurrecting Leaf Brands®, once the 4th largest candy company in the US and owned by his uncle’s family before selling to Hershey in the mid-1990’s.  Now the home of Sour Spanks!™, Farts Candy™, David's 'Beyond Gourmet' ™Jelly Beans, Astro Pops®, Astro Pop® Sodas and Astro Pop Asteroids®, Leaf is already acknowledged by the candy industry as one of the most innovative candy companies in America. 
Ellia continues his passion rebuilding old trademarks and their products/companies.  He’s been written up on the front page of the Sunday LA Times in January, Chicago Tribune in February and many other publications focusing on resurrecting old brands.  Recent trademarks include; Astro Pops®, Leaf Brands®, May Company™, Bullock's™, The Broadway®, Robinson's®, Abraham and Straus™, The Bon Marche®, Joseph Magnin® and many others. His philosophy has always been,” You’ll never know if you don’t try.”